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国内大会 (東京・関西・九州)を円滑に運営するための支援 (*1)




 *1) 国内大会は、各地域の実行委員により運営されています。 

WSC 日本大会は数ある各国国内大会の中でも、唯一生徒を中心に大会を企画・運営しています。なお、WSC JAPANは、World Scholar's Cup 主催者であるDemiDecとは直接的資本関係や業務関係は有しておらず、単独で非営利の活動を行っています。



We are...​

Inclusive 包括的

Encouraging 奨励

Interdisciplinary 学際的

Discussion-based ディスカッションベース

Forward-looking 未来志向で前向き

Team-oriented チーム指向

Whimsical 風変わり


  • To motivate students of all backgrounds to discover new strengths and practice new skills.

  • どんな生徒でもやる気にさせ、強みを発見し、新しいスキルを身につけるようにする。

  • To inspire a global community of future scholars and leaders.

  • ​国際的な将来のスカラー、そして未来のリーダーに刺激を与える。



The idea behind World Scholar’s Cup was to create something different than traditional academic competitions and conferences: a celebration of the joy of learning, a tournament as rewarding for the team that came in last as the for the team that came in first, an enrichment opportunity that motivated students not just to demonstrate their existing strengths but to discover new ones.


Scholars form a team of three, and compete the scores of debate, collaborative writing, a collective test, the “Scholar’s challenge” and a quiz the “Scholar’s bowl”. Each event is based on that years subjects, which are released beforehand. Top teams in each country’s regional round qualify for the global round, and select high-achieving teams in the global rounds can move onto the Tournament of champions; which is held in Yale University every year in November. ​


WSC has developed into an international competition with more than 12,650 scholars attending nearly 100 regional rounds. The goal for WSC is to motivate students of all backgrounds to discover new strengths and practice new skills. In previous global rounds, over 100 students from japan participated in each round.


WSC creates an opportunity for students to discover new friendships and communicate with peers from across the globe. This diverse community has become a cultural melting pot. The result of this inclusive community is lifetime long friendships that are cherished, even after the tournaments end.​


Founded by Daniel Berdichevsky, CEO of Demidec in 2006, WSC encourages students to pursue the best version of themselves. They do not see losing in the competition as a failure, but an opportunity to grow not only academically, but into a well-rounded student.

WSC takes the dull process of learning and creates a competitive yet friendly environment for students to comfortably learn at their own pace.​

Unlike other tournaments, WSC hosts talent shows at each round and showcases the diversity that inspires others into action.​


WSC is a team based competition that encourages students to nurture the spirit of collegiality among them. An example of this can be seen through all events, such as, collaborative writing. This consists of students discussing different perspectives in order to create a work that excites and challenges not only themselves, but the reader too.

It is extremely rare to have an academic curriculum that focuses on student discourse. But through participating in this tournament, students have the chance of voicing their opinions and engaging with different ideas. It is a rare space that nurtures this important skill of communication. ​

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