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Scholars who have qualified for the Globals in their Regional Rounds will be able to participate in this round. The Global Rounds take places in several countries in one season. In 2018, the Globals will take places in Melbourne in Australia, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Barcelona in Spain. Scholars will be able to participate in one of these three. Being the biggest rounds in all World Scholar’s Cup’s competition, there will be approximately one thousand to four thousand competitors from all over the world in each round. Therefore, the Globals will have the biggest venues, Scavenge Hunt (an interactive activity among scholars), and Talent Shows in all rounds.


Tournament of Champions is the last competition in all rounds of World Scholars Cup’s season. It will be held in Yale University, New Haven, the United States, and only the scholars who have qualified in the Globals are able to participate in it. There will be only one ToC per season, and there will be approximately one thousand to two thousand scholars in this round. Trip to ToC includes campus visiting in Harvard University and MIT and tour in New York.